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What Should I Do If I’m Injured on a Construction Site?

If you’re one of America’s 11.2 million construction workers, you know that your chosen occupation provides you with a good living. You also know, however, that you work in a dangerous field, one fraught with hazards that can cause you serious or catastrophic injuries or even cause your death.

Fatal Four

In 2019 alone, 5,333 construction workers lost their lives in on-the-job accidents. Per the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, the following types of injuries make up the construction industry’s Fatal Four:

  1. Falls – 38,7% of all fatal construction injuries
  2. Struck-by-objects – 9.4%
  3. Electrocutions – 8.3%
  4. Caught-in and caught-between accidents – 7.3%

It goes without saying that you perform much of your work while on a roof or perched on scaffolding or a ladder. Consequently, your risk of falling is extremely high. Even if you survive your fall, you may well suffer a traumatic brain injury that could leave you permanently disabled.

While the remaining Fatal Four accidents together account for fewer construction worker deaths than falls alone, still, the types of injuries you can receive from them, even if not fatal, can result in extensive burns, broken bones, crush injuries and/or internal organ damage, any of which may make your recovery a long and painful one.

Workers’ Compensation

When you’re injured while at work on a construction site, you almost assuredly have a workers’ compensation claim. Each state has its own work comp rules and regulations, so your wisest strategy is to contact a local personal injury lawyer experienced in handling these kinds of claims. He or she can make sure that your claim meets all of your state’s requirements.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

You may also be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer and/or the person whose negligence caused your accident and therefore your injuries. Again, you need the advice, counsel and representation of a competent personal injury lawyer who can assess the circumstances surrounding your accident and determine whether or not you’re entitled to file a lawsuit as well as a workers’ compensation claim.

Bystander Accidents

Construction workers aren’t the only people at risk for receiving injuries on a construction site. Pedestrians and other bystanders also often sustain injuries, especially when a scaffold suddenly collapses or a crane accidently drops its load. If you’re a nonworker who sustains injuries on a construction site, your best interests dictate that you hire a White Plains, NY personal injury attorney like one from Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. to file a lawsuit against the construction company and, if appropriate, the manufacturer or installer of the equipment that malfunctioned.