I have worked with Kornblum Law for several years now involving various issues and all results have been positive. The experience, wisdom, tenacity and kindness are only a few of the accolades for Guy, Kai, Ethel and so many other competent staff members. I recommend highly Guy Kornblum Law for all who are seeking a most professional and rewarding experience.


Guy Kornblum is such an amazing lawyer.  He didn’t stop fighting for my case. I had to have three brain surgeries, one eye surgery, and my life completely changed in ways I can’t even describe in words, but now I am able to have the best life possible under my circumstances. He was able to settle my case very rapidly considering people told me it would take far longer.

Successful Mediation: 2022

Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work towards my case. Now the case is settled through mediation. It was a difficult time for me for the last 4 years. Your team is really helpful and gave me hope and encouragement all the time. Your team responds promptly to any of the tasks related to the case. Thank you.


My legal team with Mukesh Advani and Guy Kornblum as accomplished leaders of their team provided expert service and afforded me confidence and endorsed proactive actions. Their professional legal services and communication skills are outstanding!


We experienced a horrible fire on August 31st 2018. My wife barely saved her life. She was almost in a wheelchair for the rest her life. We lost a way how to survive. My friend introduced us one of the best lawyers in the U.S., Mr. Guy O. Kornblum. We could relax. Our law case very happily ended in 2 years. Thank you very, very much for taking care of us. We thank the lawyers.I am eternally grateful for having the good fortune of stepping into the care of KCEH. Guy and Jonathan operate with the highest amount of respect and dignity towards their client, and KCEH brings many decades of successful LTD policy negotiations to bear on your behalf. Ultimately Guy and Jonathan negotiated a settlement with the insurance company which far exceeded my hopes, especially given the insurance company had no shortage of objections towards a payout resolution.

N. & K. S.

Thank you so much for your help representing my wife and I by negotiating a generous settlement from the insurance company of the pharmacy whose formulation error nearly took my life. During my recovery, I was in no position to deal effectively with the insurance company. Your advice and relentless professional efforts took the pressure off us, avoided a trial, and resulted in a settlement that included monthly non-taxable annuity payments. Every month we will be reminded of your diligence on our behalf. Thank you all for your good work, both in California and in Indiana.

T & S. T.

Guy helped me out with several cases over the last few years. Each time it was very easy to get a hold of him and have my questions answered. He delivered at all times. Guy is very knowledgeable about litigation, insurance, and arbitration. You want Guy at your corner. He is always there for you. He is still my guy and I have done business in SF for over 50 years.

S & S

Working with Guy and his staff has been a truly exceptional experience. They have been available, thorough and patient in their descriptions of processes and proceedings. Having worked with other law firms, I would strongly recommend Guy Kornblum and his talented staff to anyone in need of legal advocacy. They are exceptional!

Thank you, Guy!


I had a difficult claim regarding unpaid disability insurance benefits with my insurance company. I was fortunate to have Maria Manning and Guy Kornblum, personally, handle my case. Through a mediated settlement process, we were able to settle the case in a timely manner to my satisfaction. I am grateful for the professional and thorough handling of this complex legal matter.

M. S.

My wife and I were afraid we would never see any of the money we ‘nested’ in the tax shelter again and that we were stuck with life insurance policies that we did not need. However, the settlement obtained by Guy Kornblum refunded the money we paid into the tax shelter and freed us from the insurance policies. My wife and I were glad the case settled and we could put this all behind us.

L. J.

As you know, I have dealt with many of San Francisco’s top attorneys over the last 40 years and my experience with you and your staff has been outstanding. Your hard work and professionalism, along with your experience truly set you apart from the rest. My wife and I are both appreciative of your services and thankful for your frank and honest communication. Our goal was to reach the finish line ASAP and you facilitated this process wonderfully, and we thank you for that.


I want to thank you for the excellent assistance that you and Mr. Crump have given me and the very pleasant treatment I have received from your firm. I have learned a good deal about my case, in general, and the sort of reactions I might expect from people going forward, and I am most appreciative.


Thank you so much for all the time and energy you spent with me reviewing my case and coming up to speed on all of its specifics. It helped me a great deal to be able to talk with both you and Guy and it was very comforting to know that you were both ready to jump in if the case called for it. Thank you for everything.


Thank you very much for all the time and energy you spent in coming up to speed on my case. I really appreciated all of your sound advice and insight from your years of experience. Thanks so much.


Just a short note to let you know that my long-standing car insurance matter was finally settled. The two parties were able to agree on a relatively low amount. I really appreciate the reality check you provided early on during this stressful event. It helped me from viewing the whole thing too catastrophically! More recently, the advice you had about how to structure an “I want to settle” letter was a big boost. While the whole affair had to follow its course, in the end, being able to bounce things casually off of you a few times kept me from suffering in silence. Thank you so much!


I would like to say you have always been straight, gentlemenly and better to deal with when it comes to our dealings. Thank you for that, Guy.


I was involved in 4 vehicle car accident that was low impact, however one party in the accident sued me for bodily injury.  During the entire process, Kornblum Law guided me and was on top of things. They acted as a valuable bridge to insurance as my appointed attorney, guiding me through the tricky processes in this case. I would highly recommend them for your legal needs. Very professional, responsive and very knowledgeable.


Guy Kornblum and his team are extremely professional, prompt, and very knowledgeable. Guy is an experienced attorney who listens to everything available and provides insight and guidance for your matter. Throughout the process, they were honest and forthcoming about each step in the process, and frequently worked for the best and most efficient outcome. Mr. Kornblum is kind and sensitive yet frank and clear about the case, always communicative at any time, and worked with me personally to the very end for the best outcome available. Thanks, Guy!

M. A.

In 2015, I had cervical spine surgery. About 2 years later when I still had not recovered from the pain left from the surgery, I remembered I had this personal disability policy I had purchased back in 1992. I also happened to get referred to Guy Kornblum at that time. Guy really opened my eyes to the effort needed to properly place a claim on the policy. Over the months that followed Guy and Jonathan Kam were more like personal coaches to me as my patience was short and my pain was high during much of that period. Jonathan and Guy kept me promptly up to date both via phone calls, and office visits, regarding the state of the case and any further needed information.

P. S.

Having used the services of KCEH and lawyer, Guy Kornblum, I was able to have confidence in my legal concerns after being in a car accident. My specific vulnerability was not being able to walk for 2 months and all the delicate details that go with my doctor’s instructions for recovery. I would recommend the legal services at KCEH. They kept me informed so that I understood terms and time frames. We reached a conclusion that gave me closure.