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Serious Injury Lawyer San Francisco, CA 

Serious Injury Lawyer San Francisco, CA  Serious Injury Lawyer San Francisco, CA 

When you’ve been seriously injured, and are facing long term or permanent harm that prevents you from working or enjoying day-to-day tasks, you should reach out to a serious injury lawyer San Francisco, CA has to offer. These injuries tend to be caused by car accidents, workplace accidents, or medical malpractice, They can change the way you live, as well as the activities you enjoy doing. Ultimately you may be left feeling powerless. 

The law firm of Guy O. Kornblum, APLC  is ready to help you regain control of what has happened. We’ll do this by finding, and holding, the negligent party accountable for your injuries. Guided by our experience and vast resources, we will move forward to building a strong case that fights for maximum damages. Let a San Francisco, CA serious injury lawyer talk with you about the next steps to take. Call lawyer, Guy O. Kornblum now. 

What is a Serious Injury?

Injuries come in all shapes and sizes. Some will completely heal with rest and time. Others may require treatment, but will eventually subside. Then there are those that are considerably serious. These injuries may be debilitating, disabling, and/or prevent the victim from being able to walk, work, communicate, or support loved ones. A common example of a serious injury is a closed head injury that results in cognitive impairment and mobility problems. 

Serious Injuries and Liability in California

At  the law firm of Guy O. Kornblum, APLC, we feel pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, and certain types of medical malpractice often involve the most serious injuries. Car accidents, particularly head on-collisions, may also lead to significant harm. In addition to these common cases, we have also handled serious injuries stemming from defective products, construction accidents, fires, and workplace accidents.  We’ve helped clients recover damages after suffering from a:

  1. Brain injury
  2. Serious burn
  3. Loss of limb
  4. Loss of sight or hearing
  5. Birth injury
  6. Spinal cord injury
  7. Paralysis
  8. Neurological damage
  9. + More

In the vast majority of serious injury cases,  the law firm of Guy O. Kornblum, APLC, will seek damages for economic and non-economic losses. These may include all medical care, lost wages, loss of income, pain, suffering, loss of consortium, and more. From start to end, our serious injury lawyer in San Francisco, CA will be there for you. Give our firm a call now. 

Is a Serious Injury Lawyer Necessary?

The insurance company makes serious injury cases a priority, and not necessarily in a way that favors you. These cases tend to be valued in the high five, six, or even seven figures. It’s a lot of money to pay out which is why they may diligently fight the case with the intention of paying you less than what you need or deserve. You might also find it very difficult to get your medical care covered. For these reasons, you should have a San Francisco, California serious injury lawyer on your side. We provide case reviews, so if you are unsure about whether or not you need a lawyer, let us help you figure that out. 

Please call  the law firm of Guy O. Kornblum, APLC, to speak with a leading serious injury lawyer in San Francisco, California today.