Bad Faith Insurance Claims

You get insurance so you will be protected in case anything happens to your investments or people you love. But what happens when your insurance company fails to cover you properly?

At the San Francisco law offices of Guy O. Kornblum, A Professional Law Corporation, we protect the rights of the victims of insurance negligence and bad faith. Insurance companies know how to cut corners and cheat people. We know how to fight back.

Insurance is supposed to protect us during times of unexpected crises. When we purchase insurance, we expect the insurer to fulfill their duty in the event of a sudden accident. Sadly, some insurers fail to act properly and turn back on their obligations.

These types of claims happen regularly. Clients place trust in insurance companies to support them during the most stressful life events, and clients deserve to be compensated if they have valid claims. If you have been a victim of bad faith insurance, contact an attorney who can inform you of ways to take legal action.

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Experienced Bad Faith Claim Attorney

There are bad faith laws in place that are meant to protect both insurance companies and their clients. Companies have the right to investigate claims suspected of fraud, while policyholders have the right to receive proper coverage and compensation, as outlined in their policy.

With more than 40 years of experience with these claims, and having handled hundreds of cases in the area of commercial and personal insurance lines, attorney Guy Kornblum is a leader in the field of insurance coverage and bad faith. Under his guidance, our firm is equipped to handle the most complex cases, including comprehensive commercial policies with liability and property claims, business interruptions and more.

If you have bad faith insurance, it means that the insurer has attempted to renege or revoke on their commitment to the policyholder. You may have a legitimate claim, but the insurer refuses to accept the claim and provide compensation for losses that are supposed to be covered by the insurance policy.

In that situation, the insurer is thus acting in “bad faith.” This dishonest practice leaves affected policyholders struggling to receive sufficient financial support. In California, to prove bad faith insurance, you must present evidence that the insurer violated their duty to provide coverage for your losses.

Examples Of Bad Faith Claims

Bad faith claims can come in many different forms, and they are not always obvious to spot. Watch for warning signs that may indicate if your insurance company is trying to save money at your expense. Some examples of bad faith include the following:

  • Failing to investigate your claim properly
  • Undervaluing your claim
  • Misrepresenting policy terms
  • Demanding an unreasonable amount of evidence
  • Intentionally slowing your claim’s processing time
  • Denying your claim prematurely or without reason

Disputes with insurance companies are not easy to resolve on your own. You have the right to initiate litigation against a company that has committed insurance negligence. However, it is recommended that you consult with an experienced attorney so that you are aware of your full legal options.

There are many advantages that a skilled lawyer can offer. Insurance claims can be complicated and may be confusing and tough to handle without a strong legal background. By working with an attorney, you have consistent support throughout your case, and if there are any issues that suddenly occur, the attorney is there to help. They can represent you in court if necessary as well.