Collateral Files

Marketing Collateral

Business Cards

Guy O. Kornblum – Print (In Office Use)

Mukesh Advani – Print (In Office Use)

Ethel Wadsworth – Print (In Office Use)

For in-office printing, use this template in your printer:
Avery 5371 Business Card Blank Template


Word Letterhead Template (For placement of content) – Version 8, Update 1/18/2021 to include page number on body pages as well as editable date.

This file is for general use as well as for pasting in content for submittals to external groups.

Instructions for Use:

Please Note: Microsoft templates are for writing or copying in information. Dummy text has been added to the document. Microsoft  templates purposely fade the Header and Footer of the document when viewing. This is to show the it is inactive and not being edited.

The body copy is active by default. To activate the header (not needed usually) double click on it. To reactivate the body, double click on the body. Content can be pasted directly into the file.


  1. Open the file
  2. Write or paste in your content into the body
  3. Save the file to your local computer, desktop or desired location
  4. If emailing, it is best to then save the file as a PDF, this will display the header, footer and body all in full color.
  5. If printing for regular mail, print as normal

PDF (For Blank Printing)


eMail Signature


nstructions (Please contact me directly for any assistance)

Here are your Instructions to add your attached Image signature to your email account in Outlook. This should be added to both your email address.

The signature appears at the bottom of your email. The instructions in the link below will walk you through the steps to add this image. The image is attached, please feel free to place this image on your desktop for easy installation.

Create and add a signature to messages

Note: The section in the instructions that says ”Add a logo or Image to Your Signature” is most helpful. The Image is included in this email as a .png image and also as a zipped file. Both are the same.

Guy O. Kornblum

Image Link:


Ethel Wadsworth

Image Link:×300.png


Mukesh Advani

Image Link:×300.png

Wendy Amado

Image Link:


PDF    Word

For in-office printing, place the envelope in the printer, top side down.


Return Mail Labels


Instructions: Place label paper in the printer face down and print normally.