Personal Injury

14 Nov: How Much Risk Is Present at Your Workplace?

Personal Injury Lawyer Working to generate an income should not be considered a hazard. While there are risky professions, the safety of employees should never be pushed to the side. Even in relatively docile work environments, there is always the chance that an injury can occur. What happens if your employer ignores the signs that a hazard exists? If you or someone else becomes hurt as a result of this oversight, you are likely entitled to medical treatment on the company’s dime, as a personal injury lawyer in Washington, DC, like from Cohen & Cohen, P.C., can explain. Find out more about workers’ compensation. The Type of Hazard Say you are going about your business in the office, and notice that a large chunk of the carpet has come up. You may stamp it down with your foot before continuing. You stop in your boss’s office to report the hazard….