21 Jan: Guy Kornblum settles a seven figure claim this month for a couple who suffered injuries

This month (August 2020) Guy Kornblum settled a claim in the seven figures for a couple who suffered injuries from a fire in their apartment building two years ago in the San Francisco Avenues.  The husband was not home when the fire started but had a “relationship” claim.  His wife, also a plaintiff, had to jump out a window to escape because the smoke alarm had not been inspected since installation and did not sound an alarm.  She lived but suffered serious ankle/foot/back injuries.  She is able to move about now so her recovery was fortunate.  This was an excellent settlement which gives this middle aged couple lifetime security.

31 Jan: Guy Kornblum Settles Disability Case for NFL Player

Our firm just settled a disability case for an NFL player who was disabled from an injury for mid-seven figures. His insurer, a private insurer who issued a disability policy which paid if he were disabled from playing professional football in the NFL, denied his claim, but we were able to overcome its position and get a very favorable settlement for our client. The terms are confidential. We worked with our colleagues, Bostwick & Peterson, San Francisco attorneys, on the case.