Why Us?

If you are injured, have a major claim against an insurance company, or someone has wronged you, we can provide the legal assistance you need to get your claim resolved and get you paid. But why us?

After over four decades of practicing law, I have never lost my passion for dispute resolution and representation of clients in their legal claims. I still love working as a lawyer for others, I offer my depth of experience to you as your attorney.

Also, as a co-author of two books on our practice areas and another book on Negotiations (“Negotiating and Settling Tort Cases: Reaching the Settlement”) with a 5th edition released later this year, I am not only a practitioner as a lawyer but also a student of the litigation and settlement process which I reflect in my books and over two hundred published articles on topics related to my practice.

That is why I say: Try Us!  We are here for you.  And when we accept this responsibility, we are here to meet, talk and assist you in your legal claim.  We have no call center.

 When You Call Us, You Talk to Us — We Are Your Lawyers!

When you call us you talk to us.

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