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I have worked with Kornblum Law for several years now involving various issues and all results have been positive. The experience, wisdom, tenacity and kindness are only a few of the accolades for Guy, Kai, Ethel and so many other competent staff members. I recommend highly Guy Kornblum Law for all who are seeking a most professional and rewarding experience.

– Vera

Shar Haddadin
Shar Haddadin
Mr.Kornblum is very responsive, caring, passionate about his work. spend extra time with his clients to understand their needs. His staff also great and very helpful.
Guy Kornblum
Guy Kornblum
Amy W
Amy W
Wonderful communication. Thank you Mr. Kornblum!
Vicky Melville
Vicky Melville
Mr. Kornblum is the most kind human being that I have known. He really cares about people. He is a believer of justice and he will fight your fight as it is his own. He kept me updated during my legal process. He is very knowledgeable and perseverant. I wish there were more people, and specially more lawyers like Mr. Kornblum. He is a gentleman and a very professional lawyer with a bright mind and a warm heart.
gary larson
gary larson
Thank you so much for the fast settlement against Foremost for us. Your professionalism showed as the case didn't even go to trial! Thanks to you we can start rebuilding our lives.
purvesh khona
purvesh khona
Was involved in legal issue where I needed my own personal defense attorney apart from insurance appointed attorney Guy O’ Kornblum the team there were simply amazing , on top of things till the very end of the process . Their advice throughout the process that lasted more than 2 years, helped me tremendously. Would highly recommend them for their professionalism, knowledge and promptness
Heidi Runyon
Heidi Runyon
When you find yourself in need of an attorney it is usually during a very stressful time or event in your life and the team at KCEH law in Santa Rosa act as a beacon sent to pull you from the darkness during that time of distress. Rachael is simply amazing having mastered the art of treating each client like her only client. When you enter the doors of her office you feel like family and she will work tirelessly to make sure that your outcome is a positive one. She is communicative and collaborative and strives to make sure that each client not only understands the process but feels good about the process. I feel very comfortable recommending Rachael and know that she will give all of her clients the 5 star treatment!
Marybeth LaMotte
Marybeth LaMotte
Highly recommend attorney Guy O. Kornblum


Mr. Kornblum is a recognized authority on litigation, negotiation, and insurance and injury litigation.

Other leaders attend his seminars, so go to the lawyer who is recognized as the authority in these areas of disputes by OTHER lawyers who attend his programs. Contact the best: Guy O. Kornblum and his trusted and experienced associates.

Some of Seminar Titles

Negotiating and Settling Tort Cases: Reaching a Solution

This CLE course presented by highly experienced attorneys and negotiators of settlements, will discuss the important principles of negotiating civil injury and insurance cases. They will outline the 10 most important points for getting “top dollar” for your cases, and also the 10 Reasons Cases Do Not Settle!

Articles and Webinars

The Ethics of Witness Preparation:

Does ABA Formal Opinion 5081 Change the Dynamics and Rules of Witness Preparation?

Some New Developments in the Insurance Bad Faith World!

Let’s take a break from the more discreet topic of trial practice and strategy and talk about some critical developments in the insurance bad faith world.

[Webinar] Auto Injury Claims: Investigation and Negotiation Techniques

Your odds of surviving a game of Russian roulette are better than winning a case at trial. Twelve times better. So why does anyone do it? They don’t. They settle.

“Settlement” ain’t a bad word

My experience with clients these days is that they want (and perhaps even
expect) their case to settle. They want to avoid the stress and delay of a trial, and
they want to avoid the risk of an unaccept able result (to them).

So, the first question after “What is my case worth?” is usually: “Can you settle my case?”

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