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I have worked with Kornblum Law for several years now involving various issues and all results have been positive. The experience, wisdom, tenacity and kindness are only a few of the accolades for Guy, Kai, Ethel and so many other competent staff members. I recommend highly Guy Kornblum Law for all who are seeking a most professional and rewarding experience.

– Vera


Taking “Killer” Depositions of Key Witnesses

On April 11, 2023, Guy Kornblum will be speaking with John Brydon and Alexandra S. Fernandez as the moderator on the best approach to taking the depositions of key witnesses.  Click below for information and registration.


Private Disability Insurance: Do Insurance Companies Live Up To Their Promises When You Are Disabled?

Many, if not most of you who read this have long term disability insurance.  You have been persuaded to purchase an insurance policy that will pay you a monthly benefit if you are unable to work in your profession, i.e. you are “totally disabled” from your occupation.  This is often referred to as “own occ” coverage. 

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